FunFair (FUN)

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Планирутся в сентябре публичный аукцион.

Офис в Сингапуре и в Лондоне. Релиз 3 игор 4 августа. Ни где кроме белой бумаги не говорится о преимуществах.

дорожная карта
новости проекта — анонс ИКО, за 100 фанов 1 бакс на ICO и 50% бонусы. -Демоверсия игры

персоналии по проекту команда и эдвайзеры
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«Advisory This summary is as close to accurate as possible, but it is not precise. Please read the
detailed description for a complete and accurate description of the token creation event.
Creation: FUN will be created in a single token creation event and distributed over two phases.
Phase 1: Starting shortly after 1400 UTC, June 22, 2017.
Phase 2: Dutch auction, selling 3X the total amount sold in Phase 1; Phase 1 holders to receive
Phase 2 tokens pro rata.
Price: 1 USD contributed will yield 100 FUN.
Contributions: We will accept contributions in Ethereum, ERC20 tokens, Bitcoin and Zcash.
End Date: FUN will be credited in Phase 1 until the earliest of the following times:
• 4 hours after 500 million FUN are issued, or
• 1400 UTC, July 7, 2017, or
• 1 billion FUN are issued (hard cap)
Founder Stake: FunFair developers, founders and angel investors will receive 37.5% of total tokens,
released slowly over an 18-month period.
Advisor Stake: FunFair advisors will receive 2.5% of total tokens, released immediately.
ENS Protection: We have acquired funfund.eth to help protect FUN token buyers from Ethereum
address fraud.» ICO 22 июня 2017
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